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As a content creator for , I am regularly interested in how many subscribers my channel has. This can often be very difficult to find out, you have to log onto .com or open the mobile app, just to find out that they are not in sync. You can easily check 3 different places on owned products (App, website etc.) and they all report slightly different figures. As an Apple Watch wearer, I thought;

“how great would it be to see my current just by raising my wrist”

One afternoon I set out on a proof of concept, and before bed, I could do just that. It was never meant for anything other than personal use and to make my life easier. On my daily vlog, I mentioned what I had done and I got interest from some viewers wanting to be able to do the same. I sat down a few days later and considered what it would take to make it production ready. As many developers can attest, making software for yourself is much easier, you know what the limitations and bugs are and work around them, when it comes to publishing it, you have to consider usability, what other users might want, you have to remove the bugs you are aware about. Essentially, something you knocked out the park for yourself in one evening could take a further few weeks to “finish.”

Fast forward a few weeks; we finally have for the . It’s FREE to download, you can get it here: Subbies. When you download the app, you can search for and add your YouTube channel. Checking your subscribers is as simple as opening the app. For those of you that are wanting extra, there is a nominal In App purchase to unlock so much more.

If you want to check your friend’s, competitor’s or your favourite YouTuber’s subscribers, that can be done and the app will even rank them all by subscribers. You can also get access to an Apple Watch app to track your favourite channel and even view your in the today widget right on your phone, all this means you can see how you are doing without having to even launch the app.

Subbies provides full Apple Watch support when you upgrade, you have the main app which shows your subscribers, if you have space for an extra complication on your watch face, you can add your live there, it even has a glance available, so a simple swipe up on the watch face will keep you up to date. The most important aspect of Subbies is its ability to give you the most accurate available.

What are you waiting for? Get downloading, it won’t cost you a penny. Unless you want to support development that is 😄

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