Video: Protein Bar Recipe | No Bake & Super Healthy

After recently deciding to get back on the wagon with my diet, I really struggled to eat enough “good” calories throughout the day and often found myself hungry. One easy way to combat this is to gravitate towards protein bars. Unfortunately, these bars are VERY expensive for what they are and are not always a good balance and can contain a LOT of sugar.

Deciding the try and roll my own, I decided to use a recipe I have used before and know to have worked quite well for me. The ingredients and nutritional information are listed below. Check out the video for a full rundown of the recipe:

Makes 20 servings


4 cups (380g) Rolled / porridge oats
1 cup (260g) : Peanut Butter
4 Scoops (120g) : Protein Powder
[Optional] 1 Handful (40g) : Rasins / Sultanas
[Optional] 1 Bar (100g) : Dark Chocolate (70% or greater cocoa)

Approx. Nutritional Info Per Serving:

180 Calories
10.6g Protein
14.1g Carbs
8.8g Fat

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