New Year, New Me

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Thanks for stopping by; depending on when you are reading this you may have realised that my website / blog is in its infancy and taking baby steps. At this point I have been Daily Vlogging for over 4 months, as days pass by and look back at my earlier vlogs, I can see the unpleasant effect of my excessive eating and lack of …. GETTING FAT(ter).

Unfortunately, I don’t put on weight in one nice even layer that covers my body entirely, I have unpleasant pockets of fat that gather around my waist and chin. These are exaggerated when you look at my scrawny arms, legs and chest. I do my best to even things out with clothes, this works great in winter, but as we draw closer to summer I can’t realistically go walking around in jumpers when it is sunny and 25 Celsius outside.

As I approach the end of the year, I see an opportunity (as many people do) to try and take control. Christmas is over, all the high calorie and tempting treats have all but gone, what better time to change the way I do things and set myself a ’s .

My goal is not to look like this

But, more like this

Christian Bale Topless

Seriously who has the time and effort to look like the guy on the left? My goal is probably a more realistic one, one that can be achieved with a reasonable amount of effort in a reasonable amount of time.

The question is, what does that mean in numbers? In all honestly I don’t know. My goal is probably to get to a body fat percentage of around 10-15% I don’t really care about weight on its own, it doesn’t really mean much. You can have 3 people all 200+ lbs but all can look totally different. One is tall and has 25% body fat and looks “OK”, another is short and too has 25% body fat, but unfortunately for him is as wide as he is tall. Both men would be overweight or obese. The third guy could walk up, be the same weight, really tall and only 10% body fat, but because muscle is heavier than fat he is quite literally the picture of good . Ultimately weight is not everything.

I don’t have measurements of what size my biceps are, what size they should be and nor do I expect I will ever care. So, my goal of getting certain body parts to a specific size is a non starter. Although there is one exception to this, my waist. I don’t fancy measuring my waist every day / week hoping it disappears, I expect a much more satisfying measurement will be my ability to fit in smaller sized jeans. After doing some research and taking into account the size of trousers I used to be able to fit in, I have decided my goal here is a 32-34 inch waist. Or at least that is what it will say on the trousers I buy.

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There we have it, 2 goals to aim for; Nothing too drastic or fanciful. My starting measurements as of 31st December 2015 are as follows:

Height: 6’ 2”

Weight: 214 lbs (Not interested in the final weight as long as my body fat % is OK)

Waist: 38” (Target: 32” to 34”)

Body Fat: 30.8% (Target: 10-15%)

BMI: 27.5 (18.5 to 25 is the official guide, but doesn’t take into account body fat %)

There you have it; 66 lb of my weight is FAT, gross I know. To get to 15% body fat, assuming I don’t lose or increase muscle mass I would need to lose 32 lb of fat. Based off the maximum recommend weight loss by healthcare professionals (2 lb per week), it would take me at least 16 weeks to hit my target.

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Having had some success losing weight (although in a very yo-yo kind of way) I have decided to try a very simplistic approach to losing weight and ultimately increasing my .

The basics; Calories IN vs Calories OUT, the goal to losing weight is to simply eat less than you burn. I don’t want to get into the details of Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) etc, or the other finer details of weight loss and workouts, there are more than enough resources online for you to dig into (by all means leave a comment if you want pointing in the right direction). My plan is to reduce the amount I eat by 1,000 calories per day and eating any calories lost by additional exercise on any given day.

The hard part: Exercise. I plan to hit the gym 3-5 days per week and do a variety of cardio exercises and weight exercises. The exact regime will depend on how I get on, ultimately I plan on starting slow and ramping up to something more intense over the weeks to ease myself into it. I will check in as I develop my exercise plan.

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To help with tracking my progress, I have listed a few items that I own that I will be using. If you would like any info on them, ask away in the comments below.

FitBit Aria – WiFi Scales (LINK)

– To avoid having to manually enter weight, the aria automatically detects the user and syncs with the fitbit website / app. The scales also monitor body fat percentage which is a key goal of mine.

Apple Watch – Steps, activity monitoring

– I carry it everywhere, it helps me measure daily activity as well as allowing me to track workouts.

My Fitness Pal iOS App (LINK)

– Logging food consumed is the best way to ensure you don’t overeat. The MFP food database is the most comprehensive I have come across over the years and makes it easy to re-enter meals you have previously eaten. It also has many restaurant meals which makes it easy to take into account the times you don’t know exactly what you are eating.

Water Minder iOS App (LINK)

– Keeping well hydrated always important, water also helps fill your stomach to make you feel full and consequently eat less. Hydrating is especially important with the extra exercise I plan on doing.

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A best case scenario is in 16 weeks time I will have reached my goals and I would say to check back then, unfortunately it is not likely to be as easy as that. If you want to keep up to date with how I get on, be sure to bookmark this website or add it to your favourite RSS reader or aggregator. You will also be able to see how I get on in my daily vlogs, so why not subscribe to them on youtube. You can do that via this link

Before you go though; I want to say a BIG thank you for stopping by and be sure to leave a comment below or share this post on your favourite social media account.

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