Moisturising for Men : Face Off

During the winter months can get very dry. The low humidity and the hot dry air used to warm us up from the chill outside is a recipe for disaster.

As a guy, there are countless products on offer for women to help keep them well moisturised, but for us guys the options can seem much more limited and out of the ones that are available, how do we choose what we need?

I just want to make this clear, using “Women’s” will not cause you to burst into flames, nor will your hands, legs or fall off. If you have dry skin and want to fix it, there is no shame in dipping into your wife or girlfriend’s . Just make sure you ask as they are more likely to cause you to lose a limb. The big downside to doing so is, you might end up smelling “like a girl,” if you don’t mind, neither do I, moisturise away 🙂

If you want something to own, put on your shelf and something that looks and smells more masculine and importantly, designed for ’s skin; there are more choices than you have probably realised. This post focuses on face moisturising, if you find it helpful or would like me to cover other products, leave a comment down below. Alternatively, you can find me on most social networks.

Whether marketed for your hands, face or body, at a time in need there is no real difference. Feel free to use them interchangeably as they will all leave you “moisturised”

Of the array of moisturisers on the market available , how is anyone supposed to know what to look for and which is better? I can’t imagine that any of you reading this post have ever sat down with your Dad and discussed the benefits of moisturising. Hell, nobody even taught me how to shave.

When deciding what you want, consider “why are you moisturising?” the main reasons include:

Dry Skin – Choosing a heavier / thicker, oil based moisturiser will help with dry skin.

Oily Skin – May be less of a reason to moisturise, you already have oily skin, right? Look for a water based moisturiser, especially after activities that cause dry skin.

Ageing skin – Moisturisers keep ageing skin softer, but some also contain “” properties than can help reduce the appearance of .

Sensitive Skin – Choose a moisturiser with soothing ingredients, something with Aloe could be a good bet.

From a brand perspective; I mainly use:

L’Oreal :

Men :

I find these to be a good balance of price and performance. Boots tend to have good deals on these brands “3 for 2” for example and I always stock up when they do.


For everyday moisturising, I use a simple NIVEA MEN Sensitive Post Shave Balm

this one is great for those of you with sensitive skin.



For more intensive moisturising I use: L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Anti Ageing

It is a very thick moisturiser, but feel is does a good job and has the added benefit of reducing the appearance of smaller wrinkles.

Vita Lift 5


For fighting oily / shiny skin: L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic

Has a lovely cooling effect, great for after shaving. This product does a fantastic job of taking the shine off your skin and I find it effective throughout most the day.



If I am going out for the night or expecting photos to be taken, I actually use a combination of all three of the products above, my routine goes like this:

  •  Shave / wash and apply aftershave balm liberally, let it sink in, it can take a while if your face is quite saturated from washing.
  • After I am dressed, I apply the Vita Lift 5. Unfortunately, moisturising can have the immediate effect of making you look shiny, this is where the final product comes in helpful.
  • Once the vita lift 5 has done its job, the hydra energetic takes the shine right out and keeps it that way for most of the day.

All 3 products have a generally scent free or mildly musky sent when applying, but disappears a short time after applying.

Do you use any of these products? Do you have any preferred alternatives, let me know in the comments down below.

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